Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies

Special Issue on China’s International Trade and the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative

Based on the CEA 2016 Annual Conference


Aims and Scope of the Special Issue

The “one belt, one road” initiative aims at fostering China’s integration into the world economy. One of the major pillars of the initiative is to develop the transportation infrastructure networks connecting China with all sub-regions in Asia, Europe and Africa. Many new projects on trans-border railway lines, highways, sea ports, and energy infrastructure have recently been launched. Thus, the “one belt, one road” initiative can serve as an ideal experiment for studying the role of infrastructure and transportation costs in transition economies. How important are investments in infrastructure for economic development? Can we expect positive or negative welfare effects associated with this program and who benefits? China, its trade partners, or both? The general perception is that falling transportation costs due to improvements in transport technology should foster international trade associated with gains from trade among all partner countries. Nevertheless, a large strand of literature shows that trade may also increase inequality.  Negative effects may also arise due to trade diversion if soaring trade between the participating countries in “One Belt, One Road” comes to the detriment of non-participating countries. The special issue aims at bringing together research in economics that helps understanding the different economic consequences of this policy in both China and the rest of the world. The main focus will be international trade in general and transportation costs in particular. However, we also welcome topics that are only indirectly linked to international trade, in particular the foundations of firm activity in China such as institutions and labor market policies or general labor market conditions.


Topics of Interest

Topics related to Chinese Economics are preferred but general articles that can be applied to China are also highly welcome. Submitted manuscripts should be related to:

  • The economics of “One Belt, One Road”
  • International Trade and Transport Costs
  • Recent Advances in the Gravity of Trade Literature
  • Trade Promoting Policies in China
  • VAT Tax Rebates in China
  • Spatial Econometrics and Urban Economics
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • National and international Factor Flows
  • Institutions in China and their Impact on Local Labor Markets
  • Structural Change and Economic Growth models
  • General Equilibrium models of Trade Agreements


Deadline for paper submission: November 1st, 2016

Please send the full paper to before November 1st, 2016


Guest Editors

  1. Dr. Yuan Li, University of Duisburg-Essen
  2. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmerer, University of Hagen, IAB and CESifo